Passenger Flow Management Platform


TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform ensures improved queue performance, with reliable real-time people counts, dwell, and wait time analytics. The Platform provides notifications for the predefined thresholds for every step of the passenger journey. Its admin panel grants operators the ability to configure users and the information they can access. 

Passenger Flow Management Platform constantly measures all required KPIs and statistics.

Effective passenger flow management means better passenger experience, more leisure time spent in the airport, advertise most crowded areas, making staff & asset utilization predictable, and increase in revenues. Passenger Flow Management Platform reduces customer wait time, increases customer satisfaction, eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing, ensures seamless passenger experience, optimizes staff performance & productivity, centrally controllable and easy to use, and measures KPIs, and drives operational efficiency.


Passenger Flow Management Platform covers every step of the passenger journey and all the assets within the airport.

  • Entrance, Security Checkpoints & Customs  
  • Check-in Counters
  • Bag Drop & Reclaim Areas
  • Retail Ares, Food & Beverage Areas and Lounges
  • Possible Wet Areas (Toilets, baby care rooms, ex…)
  • Taxi & Bus Station


The fact that the platform can be used at every asset allows quick action on issues such as hygiene and social distance, which are on the agenda of the modern age. In the current situation, it supports taking the necessary Covid-19 measures and early intervention in the points where the measures are insufficient.


Passenger Flow Management Platform is a service offered using queue management technology to reduce waiting times at airports, optimize passenger experience, and increase airports revenues.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Reduces customer wait time
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Eliminates Irregular and Haphazard Queuing
  • Ensures seamless passenger experience
  • Optimizes Staff Performance & Productivity
  • Centrally Controllable and Easy to Use
  • Measures KPIs and Drives Operational Efficiency
  • Passenger Flow With Efficient Use of Space
  • Compliance with health & safety standards
  • Optimized Productivity
  • Increased Advertising Revenues by Targeting the Busiest Spots
  • Rebuild the traveler's confidence
  • Prediction capacity through using previous data
  • Detection of crowded areas with the heat map
  • Decision making capability through historical data