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TAV Technologies one of the leading company in airport IT industry serving over 120 million passengers every year.

TAV Technologies provided its high-end technology solutions to enhance the passenger experience and ensure operational excellence for the digital transformation of Cotonou International Airport. The s...

We were at Future Travel Experience APEX Virtual Expo on May 25 - 26. Visit us at our virtual stand and learn more about TAV Technologies Award-winning solutions.

Phase 1 implementations of TAV Technologies Ground Handling Suite (GHS)  has been completed successfully after 1,5 years. The award-winning application will help TGS Company with planning their mobile...

Next Generation Airport Management System

In order to deal with the rising passenger count through the existing airport infrastructure, airports will turn to technology for answers. TAV Technologies being a R&D Centre adopts to latest developments in technology and data sciences bringing a new perspective to the Aviation sector.

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TAV Technologies with a wide service and products range, from analysis to design, from consultancy to to support and maintenance, provides turn-key solutions for new airport projects. TAV Technologies achieves fast and quality service level for its customers without operational interruption during deployment or development for an existing airport.


Airport Operations


Passenger & Baggage Processing


Airport Digital Services


TAV Technologies provides a set of consultancy service covering the entire business requirements of a modern airport management. Just like Special Airport Systems consultancy, it’s our job to compile your management requirements and show what exactly you need.

Smart Airport Solutions

TAV Technologies offers smart airport services, which provides ease, comfort and advanced security for passengers enhance the overall airport experience and optimize the operational efficiency of airports. We create a user-oriented, technology-driven airport experience for passengers, airlines and airport operation teams by taking full advantage of data science, developments in mobile technologies and innovative thinking propelling your business into the 21st century.

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Digital Transformation

Digital technologies is used to create new or modified business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing business requirements for the digital transformation. We ensure our clients’ business and competencies to fully leverage the opportunities of digital technologies in a strategic way. TAV Technologies integrates next generation technologies into all areas of your business, resulting in fundamental improvements in how your business operates and how you deliver value to your customers.

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Professional Services

As TAV Technologies we take a holistic approach to create foundational capabilities for modernization. We help our customers to define, design and implement methodologies and processes to deploy and manage new technologies and services, as well as developing policies and procedures in order to protect their enterprise assets and ICT & Building Technologies investments with our broad experience.


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We protect your sensitive business information as well as computer systems, networks and software applications against cyber-attacks. Our cyber security approach is based on three fundamental concepts known as “The CIA Triad“. It consists of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. This model is designed to guide us with the policies of cyber security in the realm of information security.


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