Measure airport key performance indicators, increase efficiency and predictability in airport operations

TAV Technologies Airport Cockpit is the ultimate Airport Operation Control Center (APOC/AOCC) solution for airports enabling a multi-stakeholder environment focused on day of operation, security, disruption management, and crisis response. It provides a global view of an airport’s performance through the analysis, visualization, and real-time exploitation of data from different airport systems and devices. Complemented with a rich set of airport and business applications. It supplies a powerful video wall solution and command/control tools. 

Key Features

  • Airport operation control center software and hardware for real-time airport operations management, performance management, and crisis control
  • Room and layout design for Airport Operational Control Center (AOCC)
  • Powerful and feature-rich video wall solution and control platform
  • Full set of applications for airport management (A-CDM, AODB, RMS, FIDS, etc.)
  • Business Intelligence Layer - enabling situational awareness &airport performance monitoring (KPI)
  • Role-based authentication and application provision
  • Rich data integration with airport and 3rd party systems:
    • Airport Management Solutions
    • (AODB, RMS, FIDS, etc.)
    • Ground Handling / Turnaround Management
    • Baggage and Common-Use Systems
    • (BHS, BRS, CUPPS, CUSS, etc.)
    • Queue Management & PAX flow
    • Security Operations / CCTV
    • Building and Facility Management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Incident Management
    • Social Media / PAX Feedback
    • Live TV Stream


  • Enhances decision making due to a comprehensive view of the airside and landside airport operations
  • Consolidates resources, procedures, and activities to meet agreed performance objectives
  • Improves cross-departmental operations optimization and tackles operational complexity
  • Minimizes flight and passenger disruption through a single coordination point during IROPS or emergencies
  • Complies with EUROCONTROL Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Program and SESAR Airport Operations Centre (APOC) Concept
  • Better handling of adverse weather conditions and facilitation of quick recovery phase
  • Reduces operational costs due to improved operational efficiencies and resources optimization
  • Reduction in facilities total cost of ownership, through consolidation of infrastructure, reduction in IT support and reduced energy costs