Licence Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)

In the entrance and exit locations of the carpark, License Plate Recognition System takes the picture of the car plate in the entrance and exit and those pictures are processed with the help of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology by reading the plate number and comparing them in the entrance and in the exit. For this reason, background algorithm is important. LPR system can be integrated to the carpark system in order to improve the security, reduce the mistakes, and to prevent the forgery. Besides, for the operational side, LPR system helps to calculate the duration of the car in park and helps to determine the entrance and exit time of the cars in case of a lost ticket issue occurs.

The LPR system served by TAV Information Service Co presents a high ratio recognition, usability and an integration possibilities to the Carpark Systems with the help of the high definition IP based cameras technology and algorithm.

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