Car Park Management Systems

One of the biggest properties of the Carpark Management Systems which is served by TAV Information Service Co, is the TCP/IP based communication over ethernet and, optionally LPR and integrated VOIP based intercom systems are served. For these properties, central management structure is served with a minimum resource in which budget and services advantages are met.

Carpark Management Systems which is put into service are the combined systems of the advanced electronic and information technologies with the modern mechanic creation systems. Barcod or magnetic ticket, proximity cards, RFID stickers and cards with the Plate Recognition can be used in the entrance and exit.

As a standard Carpark Management System consists of entrance and exit ticket dispenser, barrier, manuel payment station, automatic pay station, management console and servers. Optionally, Carpark Managemen System would provide integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and VOIP based intercom systems solutions. Single Space Recognition Systems, Park Guidance Systems, Variable Message Sign Systems, Financial Systems, Reporting and Business Intelligent Systems would be integrated as an optional.

Within this scope, TAV Information Service Co. Cooperates with the ‘DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH’ which provides integrated car park solutions with the state of the art technology.

Online Support X

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