Index Services: Index services begin with user identity verification and facilitate access supervision and control of sources (files, printers), providing identity verification services for several subsystems. With the group policy within the index services, information security of users within the client’s organization and institutional standards are applied. Within index services the operation of several systems such as DNS, DHCP, ADFS, NAP, WSUS, GPO, OCS is facilitated.

Mail Service: Central mail service manages user mail traffic within a client’s organization; antivirus and anti-spam services work jointly with this system.

Mobile Devices: Our client’s mail service access from mobile devices is secured rapidly and effectively.

Central System Configuration Management: This service includes central management of installation, configuration and updating procedures of all client computers within an organization. It organizes the reporting, listing, location and usage information of sources centrally. It enables deployment and configuration of operating systems and software on servers and clients from any location the client prefers.

Online Support X

"Live Meeting is a technology that allows you to hold meetings without travelling, through different meetings, with audiovisual support, sharing the common presentations and files for efficient interactive meetings and training courses. It saves time. Furthermore, it offers advantages in terms of costs such as the travel and accommodation expenses of the employees attending meetings."