First Level support Services;

LAN is the one of the most important part at airports for uninterrupted operation. TAV IT first level network team which is located at 10 airport now has a big effort for 7/24 nonstop operations.

Project and Design;

As known most of infrastructural components are not visible to public within the terminal area, however they provide many indispensable facilities. Structural cabling and LAN design have a lot of challenge especially at airport systems. TAV IT network team have capability to make excellent design by using via ISO/IEC,BICSI,IEEE standards.


LAN wiring, in the form of copper and fiber-optic cabling, continues to play an extremely vital role in digital communication.Tav IT network impementation team is aware that consummate system performance is starting from exellent cabling. All installation and final testing is making by experienced TAV IT network team.

Online Support X

"Live Meeting is a technology that allows you to hold meetings without travelling, through different meetings, with audiovisual support, sharing the common presentations and files for efficient interactive meetings and training courses. It saves time. Furthermore, it offers advantages in terms of costs such as the travel and accommodation expenses of the employees attending meetings."