Administrative Services;

Maintaining the operation of the GOS servers in the system room and the clients at airports with first and second level teams.

First Level Support Services;

Monitoring and maintaining important services for GOS Kernel, GOS IX Communication Adapter and database connection. Intervening in the faults such as; GOS IX On-Block Off-Block Information flow, GOS MMI Application Disconnection, Time Adjustments.

Maintenance and Repair Services;

Working mutually with the any supplier for any maintenance, repair or upgrade progress

Project and Design;

Preparing the master plan for plane and GOS match with related norms. Designing message architect for uninterrupted communications.


GOS implementation is making by Tav IT site management team with DGS coordination. Head and site team have a big experience for implementation with all members of producers.

Online Support X

"Live Meeting is a technology that allows you to hold meetings without travelling, through different meetings, with audiovisual support, sharing the common presentations and files for efficient interactive meetings and training courses. It saves time. Furthermore, it offers advantages in terms of costs such as the travel and accommodation expenses of the employees attending meetings."