CUTE enables airports, airlines and ground services companies to access their own IT applications using a series of cutting edge technologies in every area of the airport, in real time and on hardware shared by all users.

TAV IT, by optimizing terminal infrastructure, uses CUTE applications to speed passenger flow and raise service quality, providing open architecture which is a low cost, transparent and global solution for airlines and passengers. CUTE system design and installation is one of TAV IT’s field of expertise.

As a result of increasing physical area and infrastructure pressure and airline demand for consistency at a global standard, clients are drawn to low cost solutions for meeting their different operational requirements. SITA Airport Connect CUTE used in airports is designed to be jointly used by airline companies to furnish airports with work stations and peripheral networks. With CUTE, airports are integrated at the highest level of security, high speed network environment, multiple redundancy, load balancing, hardware and software monitoring technologies.

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"Live Meeting is a technology that allows you to hold meetings without travelling, through different meetings, with audiovisual support, sharing the common presentations and files for efficient interactive meetings and training courses. It saves time. Furthermore, it offers advantages in terms of costs such as the travel and accommodation expenses of the employees attending meetings."