Active Flight Management System (AFMS)

AFMS is the core management application for flights of an airport, providing the following functionalities.

  • Fast and easy management and distribution of Active (daily) Flight information
  • Import / Export Active Flight schedules from/to various formats and files
  • Management of flight and aircraft movements
  • Management of flight status changes
  • Management of resource usage of flights and aircraft
  • One-click user actions (resource allocation, data manipulation etc.) on user interface
  • Auto-updates of flight information on screen
  • User action auditing and built-in reporting functionalities, plus advanced 3rd party reporting facilities
  • Collaborative working environment

TAV IT AODB AFMS is already integrated over IX (Information Exchange) with:

  • A large number of subsystems of different vendors
  • Airline Hosts
  • Ground Handlers
  • Sitatex

Online Support X

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